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Bulletproof Break Tips

Bulletproof 1-Z Break Tip/Ferrule Combo


This is the all-new Bulletproof 1-Z Tip/Ferrule Combo.

This combo will give you the same unrivaled power as our original Bulletproof Break Tips with the added strength and durability of being made from a solid piece of Bulletproof material! You can rest assured that you will never have a tip pop off in the middle of the big match ever again! Transform your cue into a thing of beauty the likes of which has never been seen before!

The new 1-Z Tip/Ferrule Combo comes in 3 different configurations depending on your needs.

1. Drilled and Tapped 5/6x18

2. Drilled (Not Tapped)

3 Un-Drilled

Bulletproof 1-Z Break Tip/Ferrule Combo