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Copy of FAQs

You can glue either side but we recommend using coarse sandpaper (120 grit) to make sure the gluing surface is flat and scuffed to bond with the glue better.

We recommend scuffing, shaping and chalking the same as you would any other tip you use.

A scientifically engineered hyper-reactive polymer

Yes, please contact us (714) 379-1850 for more info and requirements.

We can make them in limited quantities in sizes from 16mm to 11mm however on special size tips they will not be printed with the Bulletproof logo unless you buy a large quantity.

BCA Rules state “The cue tip must be composed of leather, fibrous, or pliable material.” Our tips are made from a pliable polymer that is much softer than the pool balls, wont scratch, dent or damage the cue ball and can be scuffed to a fibrous texture and feel.